LA Galaxy Visits Adidas Headquarters

5 Aug

The LA Galaxy visited the Adidas HQ Thursday when traveling to Portland to be handed a 3-0 loss to the Portland Timbers.  Of course Adidas persuaded David Beckham and co. to visit the Adidas HQ. When getting off the bus the Galaxy players were treated to hordes of mini-balls to be thrown into the hordes of screaming fans.

But don’t listen to my recount of it. Watch this video by Adidas Soccer to see what went down.


Nike CTR 360 Maestri II Platinum/ Blue Glow /Black

5 Aug

The CTR 360 Maestri II is designed specifically to enhance performance on the field. With names such as Iniesta, Fabregas, and Wilshire wearing the boot you know there must be something special to them. The new Metallic Platinum/ Blue Glow/ Black colorway strikes the eye in a visually appealing way. While we may not see the Arsenal stars wearing their North London rivals trademark blue, we can easily expect other such as Vann Der Vart to be sporting this classy boot.

I personally really like the design of the boot. It’s not super original or very remarkable, but it works. I am a huge fan of the CTR 360, and if they would fit my foot better I believe they would be my all time boot. The one thing I regret is they won’t be making this colorway in an elite version. This seems to be a trend with Nike where only every other CTR 360 colorway receives an elite version.

This boot retails for $179.99 US, but it’s lower tier models are just as performance enhancing, especially if you are looking for a cheap boot. We will see this boot on the feet of the regular Maestri wearers come the fall season during the kick off of the EPL and La Liga seasons.

Nike Vapor Superfly III Orange Peel Colorway

5 Aug

Nike has a long illustrious history of outrageously brilliant colorways that have sent the football boot market into a frenzy. At it’s highest point, the Vapor Series was represented by the Vapor IV Orange Peel. Now we seem to be seeing a repeat of this popular colorway. The biggest stars in football were wearing the boot. Cristiano Ronaldo, Zlatan Ibrimohvic, Clint Dempsey, Thierry Henry, and other international football stars. It was the reign of the Vapor.

Now we see that Nike has tried to recreate this famous colorway in the Superfly III. It’s not the same simple look we saw on the Vapor IV, but it seems to work. This colorway is not been released yet, but is available for pre-order on certain soccer websites.

I like the look of this new colorway. It’s a modern take on a slightly less modern legend. There was previously a more subtle Granite colorwaay released before this one that offers a slightly less stand out option for those who don’t want to appear as a moving traffic cone. This gives two fantastic options to players who are looking for new boots. This colorway retails at $200 US for anyone looking to buy a pair.

Review: Nike Street Gato Obsidian/ White/ Rattan

4 Aug

Football really is a lifestyle and it seems that Nike have clearly embraced that fact with open arms. You can travel the world. It’s not so much the football pitches that we see the common footballer playing, but the streets. Nike have taken the small sided game to a whole new level with the Street Gato. It is a football created for those players who grow up playing in those dirt alleys beside their house, or the old tennis court down the road.

The appeal of the boot to all of us football common folk is the modern brilliance behind Nike by doubling this as an everyday shoe. You all know the bloke who wears his indoor boots everywhere he goes. It’s not his fault that shoes with the style of a Formula One race car stick out like a sore thumb. I had the chance to test these in the Blue/White colorway in a size 10.5 US.


Quite frankly, I found myself stunned with the technology on this Nike boot. It isn’t the same tacky inclusion you would expect of Nike after the T90 Shot Shield and Maestri Pass Pad. The pass pad adds an interesting look to the Street Gato. It nearly looks like a gothic inspired skate shoe. The TPU pyramid pieces do serve a real purpose however. The cushioned pieces act as padding for you to create solid passes in the tight situations you encounter all too often in the small sided game. You will also find on the inside toe area there is another similar area. This area’s purpose is to help create solid durability as it is the area the ball touches your foot the most. You will find this TPU piece studded area will also help your touch on the ball.


I didn’t have very high expectations for this boot. I just expected a boot that would perform better than my current indoor boots. You know those low-end models with a rubber sole stitched to the bottom? Needless to say, the Street Gato was faced with mediocre competition at best. ,Which led to the boots blowing any other boot out of the water. This is a boot that is a perfected cataclysmic explosion of a premium leather boot combined with your high-performing outdoor boot. I must say I never found any problems with this boot. I never encountered any slipping, on any surface. The only place you might want to hesitant is that if you wear these in bad weather, don’t neglect them because while the Street Gato are super durable they aren’t invincible.

How Long Will They Hold Out?

Like any other outdoor boot and leather shoe you WILL need to take care of it. That being said, Nike designed this boot to go through hell and back. The sole is both cemented and stitched meaning you will find ultimate durability in the boots. As I said before, the TPU studded areas will also hold their own against most conditions. The suede leather will get dirty, as will the TPU out sole as can be expected, particularly if you are playing in muddy conditions.

Note About Material:

Depending on the colorway, the boot will be made out of either calf leather or suede leather. There is no difference in performance, but you can expect to see a clear difference of the boot. Once again though there is no difference in performance so buy whichever color fits your style.


The Street Gato offers quality, durability, dependability, and performance unlike any other. The only negatives I can see is the little pet peeves you may posses yourself. Nonetheless, this boot is one of Nike’s best ideas in recent years. With plenty of colors to choose from, and a plethora of styles on Nike iD I can assure that you will not be disappointed.

Not Going Anywhere – Neymar To Stay At Santos

4 Aug

It seems Neymar will spend a few more months in Brazil despite all of the recent reports we’ve heard. It seemed to be just a matter of where Neymar was going to leave to earlier in the summer. Now though, we see the tides changing and it seems that Neymar will be staying at Santos after all. After reporting that he would like to stay for the Club World Cup this summer, Santos has now reassured us that Neymar won’t be leaving.

Neymar has been linked with moves to Barcelona, Real Madrid, PSG, and countless other European giants. Santos President said, “There will always be dialogue, but we want Neymar to fulfil his contract with Santos.” Neymar’s current contract extends until the summer of 2014. This means we could see Neymar playing in the World Cup in his home country Brazil without a contract.

Luis Alvaro De Oliveira has admitted to holding talks with presidents at Barcelona and Real Madrid, Sandro Rosell and Florentino Perez,  in regards to selling Neymar.  “I have spoken to Rosell, he is an interesting and elegant man, like Perez. I met him at the farewell for Ronaldo. Neymar is not only wanted by Madrid, he is of interest to Barcelona, Chelsea, Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain. It is normal.”

Of course the months until January could change Neymar. If he drops in form in the slightest bit between now and the January transfer window we could easily see a European club get an extraordinary deal on the Brazilian prodigy.

Freddy Adu – The Prediction Of 2011/2012

4 Aug

Freddy Adu, the prodigy of American soccer, the man we thought would make America a global power amidst the doubt. His history is one that has been well retold. Even many who don’t follow soccer can tell you his story.

Now I’m not sure what the soccer world thinks of him now. I can imagine now only his faithful are the ones who find themselves truly appreciate what Adu has put himself through.

We saw Adu in the last year do the unthinkable. First off he let himself be loaned to the Turkish Second Division. He helped the team more than any of us would’ve expected. Soon after he put himself on a self inflicted Twitter ban. He enforced this upon himself until after the final of the Gold Cup against Mexico. That very same final was where Adu showed critics that he can still play with the big guns again.

One game probably won’t change the fortunes of this late prodigy just yet. Although his fortunes do seem to be on the up. Beneficia has yet to loan him out again so far and while there is still time for a move to reveal itself perhaps Adu will have a chance to prove himself. After all, most his age would probably be at the point he is at now.

Still there must be some worry forming in his mind. While at club level he seems to be gaining footholds, on the national level Adu must prove himself all over again. With new coach Jurgen Klinsmann there is no reassurances as to who might be brought into the squad to prepare for the 2014 World Cup.

So what can we expect from Adu in 2011? Well there’s many different scenarios. But being the Adu fan I am I believe in the positive result. I believe we might just finally see Adu’s breakout season. I’m not sure we will ever see him crack the EPL, but I do see him finding a starting place in the national team. While I doubt we see him gain the respect of Klinsmann soon I’m sure we eventually see him on the international scene again

Review: Liverpool Adidas Away Jersey 11 / 12

2 Aug

The new Liverpool away jersey is a jersey of absolute class. I received this jersey a week ago, and now wanting to wear it is the only reason I am getting laundry done anymore. It is simply too brilliant. On the days I’ve worn it I’ve received plenty of compliments, people commenting on how great the colors work together. Through this shirt I’ve met plenty of people I’ve never met before, some avid Liverpool supporters, who I never knew lived in my small town.

I was very excited when I heard that Adidas would be releasing a grey away kit this time around. It was something we hadn’t seen yet, and it looks even better in real life than any camera can show you. I will be very disappointed if the company Warrior Sports truly are making Liverpool’s kits for next season as Adidas has done a fantastic job in the last few years with the jerseys.

Now what I do love about this jersey is how it is cut. Adidas have cut up many different fabrics, sewing them together in a way that fits the body exactly to your body. Because of this you will not want to buy a jersey that doesn’t fit you right, or you will find it uncomfortably tight. For those of you who have never worn a cut Adidas jersey before you may find when you first put it on that the whole shirt feels as if it doesn’t fit. You will get used to it though and you will love the jersey.

This new jersey has been outfitted with Climacool technology, meaning that all of the fabric has been specifically designed to keep you cool on those hot days out side. After wearing this jersey for a two hour soccer practice in the blazing heat I can agree that it does work.

I must say that I love the metallic badge and stripes. Don’t fear that they stick out too much as they come out very stunning.

If you are a Liverpool supporter I would strongly encourage you to buy this jersey, especially if you already have the current Home jersey as it was the same as last years.

Manchester United Get Revenge Against Barca

31 Jul

Manchester United may never feel completely better after loosing the 2011 Champion’s League Final to Barcelona. But they did find a slimmer of revenge after a 2-1 defeat of Barcelona last night. It wasn’t an important game. There was even no real competition as Barcelona was missing over half of their starting line up. Yet it was still a very interesting game. Barcelona still played their amazing football they always seem to play.

There wasn’t much action to report on. Manchester United’s senior stars found little give from Barcelona’s starlets. Nani’s initial goal was later canceled out by one of these starlets. It seems that Manchester United may finally be finding their way to the tip top. Even if they still seem to be ages away.

It seems though that  Barcelona didn’t put up a major fight. It seems crazy that anyone in their right midn won’t find Man Utd any closer to winning next year’s Champion’s League but we have yet to see.

Bob Bradley Relieved Of U.S. Coaching Duties

28 Jul

After a meeting between Gulati, Bradley and U.S. Soccer CEO Dan Flynn, U.S. Soccer released a statement announcing that Bob Bradley has been fired as the coach of the U.S. Men’s National team. The statement by U.S. Soccer was as follows.

“We want to thank Bob Bradley for his service and dedication to U.S. Soccer during the past five years. During his time as the head coach of our Men’s National Team he led the team to a number of accomplishments, but we felt now was the right time for us to make a change. It is always hard to make these decisions, especially when it involves someone we respect as much as Bob. We wish him the best in his future endeavors.”

Bob Bradley was put in the hot seat in January 2007 and was given the full job that spring. During his time as head coach Bob Bradley won the 2007 Gold Cup, placed second in the 2009 Confederations Cup, and won the Group Stage in the 2010 World Cup. Despite this, Bob Bradley’s reputations has been on the downward slope since a World Cup loss to Gahna. This was only followed up by him placing a reserve line up against champions Spain and a disappointing Gold Cup run that only led to a loss to Mexico.

U.S. Soccer officials have indicated that there will be another statement tomorrow, that many believe will be the appointment of a new head coach.

Asked about Bob Bradley’s sacking on Thursday afternoon Manchester United Coach Alex Ferguson stated “I was disappointed to hear that.”

Just Arrived: Nike USA Third Jersey 11/12

28 Jul

Released before USA’s international friendly with Argentina, the new USA third kit by Nike is already a fan favourite. While we have seen the US of A produce some very sub-standard performances it this shirt it also produced some miracles such at their 1-1 tie with Lionel Messi and co. This new shirt may have the same cookie cutter look at the other USA kits but I still believe it was a brilliant move by Nike. It was a kit that most US fans had been asking for and the color choice made the kit classy and made sure it didn’t stand out too much.

Sizing: Like all Nike jerseys this kit doesn’t fit the the body real well. It is cut like most regular shirts, but you will find with the fabric used if you move your arms it will fold oddly onto itself. You must have one to understand.

Appearance: This jersey if very visually appealing. Do not be afraid that it will look to bright walking around town. It is actually quite subtle and classy.

I will have the review for the Nike USA Third Jersey up this weekend.