Nike T90 Laser IV Released

16 Sep

While it may not be surprising to those who have seen leaked images of the boot already, the new T90 Laser IV is a technological feet that has far surpassed that of any of the previous T90 models. While this boot was given its unofficial debut by Wesley Sneijder earlier in the week, it seems that Wayne Rooney is the main posterboy for Nike’s laster power boot.

The Laser IV features a new power element dubbed the shot shield that gives the boot a very outlandish appearance. You can already tell this is a boot that will either be loved or hated by boot fans, but nevertheless you can’t deny this is a huge step forward for Nike.

What’s most surprising is that the new boot wasn’t released in an elite model. This is the first new boot release by Nike that hasn’t featured the carbon fiber sole plate. Whats amazing though is the new Laser IV only weighs 5 oz. more than the previous Elite model. I can’t help how HUGE of a step this is from the swoosh who has been relying too much on popularity and looks in their boot silos in recent years. Because of this we can expect a HUGE revamp of series such as the Vapor VIII in coming times.


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