The Reserve Squad

15 Aug


The Reserve Squad is not that team that isn’t quite superior enough to break into the first team. It’s not the team that is absolutely devoid of talent. It’s an all you could ask for shopping experience where you will stumble upon the most unique shirt designs. It may not have the essence of a brand name logo such as Nike, but it could easily have the coveted swoosh sewn on the sleeve. Now while you may not feel any pride in sporting a tee etched with the words “The Reserve Squad” you can’t help but deny the talent and work put into making these shirts.

This exclusive stroll by means of any style you could ever ask for is ran by Joe Curtis, the brilliant mind behind the soccer news blog, The Pursuit Of Victory. With several tees sporting the likes of Chiciarto, Manchester United’s 19 Premier League Titles,, and more it doesn’t take a skilled mind to tell you that Joe is an avid Man. Utd. supporter. The designs on TRS are great, and are also made of 100% American Cotton.

Follow my example and buy a tee shirt. You will love it, and afterwards check out one of my posts on TRS‘ sister news blog, The Pursuit Of Victory.


One Response to “The Reserve Squad”

  1. hotshot bald cop September 1, 2011 at 10:44 pm #

    Glorious blog!

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