Review: Nike Street Gato Obsidian/ White/ Rattan

4 Aug

Football really is a lifestyle and it seems that Nike have clearly embraced that fact with open arms. You can travel the world. It’s not so much the football pitches that we see the common footballer playing, but the streets. Nike have taken the small sided game to a whole new level with the Street Gato. It is a football created for those players who grow up playing in those dirt alleys beside their house, or the old tennis court down the road.

The appeal of the boot to all of us football common folk is the modern brilliance behind Nike by doubling this as an everyday shoe. You all know the bloke who wears his indoor boots everywhere he goes. It’s not his fault that shoes with the style of a Formula One race car stick out like a sore thumb. I had the chance to test these in the Blue/White colorway in a size 10.5 US.


Quite frankly, I found myself stunned with the technology on this Nike boot. It isn’t the same tacky inclusion you would expect of Nike after the T90 Shot Shield and Maestri Pass Pad. The pass pad adds an interesting look to the Street Gato. It nearly looks like a gothic inspired skate shoe. The TPU pyramid pieces do serve a real purpose however. The cushioned pieces act as padding for you to create solid passes in the tight situations you encounter all too often in the small sided game. You will also find on the inside toe area there is another similar area. This area’s purpose is to help create solid durability as it is the area the ball touches your foot the most. You will find this TPU piece studded area will also help your touch on the ball.


I didn’t have very high expectations for this boot. I just expected a boot that would perform better than my current indoor boots. You know those low-end models with a rubber sole stitched to the bottom? Needless to say, the Street Gato was faced with mediocre competition at best. ,Which led to the boots blowing any other boot out of the water. This is a boot that is a perfected cataclysmic explosion of a premium leather boot combined with your high-performing outdoor boot. I must say I never found any problems with this boot. I never encountered any slipping, on any surface. The only place you might want to hesitant is that if you wear these in bad weather, don’t neglect them because while the Street Gato are super durable they aren’t invincible.

How Long Will They Hold Out?

Like any other outdoor boot and leather shoe you WILL need to take care of it. That being said, Nike designed this boot to go through hell and back. The sole is both cemented and stitched meaning you will find ultimate durability in the boots. As I said before, the TPU studded areas will also hold their own against most conditions. The suede leather will get dirty, as will the TPU out sole as can be expected, particularly if you are playing in muddy conditions.

Note About Material:

Depending on the colorway, the boot will be made out of either calf leather or suede leather. There is no difference in performance, but you can expect to see a clear difference of the boot. Once again though there is no difference in performance so buy whichever color fits your style.


The Street Gato offers quality, durability, dependability, and performance unlike any other. The only negatives I can see is the little pet peeves you may posses yourself. Nonetheless, this boot is one of Nike’s best ideas in recent years. With plenty of colors to choose from, and a plethora of styles on Nike iD I can assure that you will not be disappointed.


9 Responses to “Review: Nike Street Gato Obsidian/ White/ Rattan”

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  8. Randall Helling June 25, 2012 at 3:36 pm #

    I haven’t seen these before. Love the effort Nike made to double these as a common street shoe. Thanks for the review! 😉

  9. SuMing October 17, 2012 at 2:16 am #

    Cool post, do you think they could replace the Gato or Lunar Gato on an indoor tile?

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