Not Going Anywhere – Neymar To Stay At Santos

4 Aug

It seems Neymar will spend a few more months in Brazil despite all of the recent reports we’ve heard. It seemed to be just a matter of where Neymar was going to leave to earlier in the summer. Now though, we see the tides changing and it seems that Neymar will be staying at Santos after all. After reporting that he would like to stay for the Club World Cup this summer, Santos has now reassured us that Neymar won’t be leaving.

Neymar has been linked with moves to Barcelona, Real Madrid, PSG, and countless other European giants. Santos President said, “There will always be dialogue, but we want Neymar to fulfil his contract with Santos.” Neymar’s current contract extends until the summer of 2014. This means we could see Neymar playing in the World Cup in his home country Brazil without a contract.

Luis Alvaro De Oliveira has admitted to holding talks with presidents at Barcelona and Real Madrid, Sandro Rosell and Florentino Perez,  in regards to selling Neymar.  “I have spoken to Rosell, he is an interesting and elegant man, like Perez. I met him at the farewell for Ronaldo. Neymar is not only wanted by Madrid, he is of interest to Barcelona, Chelsea, Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain. It is normal.”

Of course the months until January could change Neymar. If he drops in form in the slightest bit between now and the January transfer window we could easily see a European club get an extraordinary deal on the Brazilian prodigy.


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