Freddy Adu – The Prediction Of 2011/2012

4 Aug

Freddy Adu, the prodigy of American soccer, the man we thought would make America a global power amidst the doubt. His history is one that has been well retold. Even many who don’t follow soccer can tell you his story.

Now I’m not sure what the soccer world thinks of him now. I can imagine now only his faithful are the ones who find themselves truly appreciate what Adu has put himself through.

We saw Adu in the last year do the unthinkable. First off he let himself be loaned to the Turkish Second Division. He helped the team more than any of us would’ve expected. Soon after he put himself on a self inflicted Twitter ban. He enforced this upon himself until after the final of the Gold Cup against Mexico. That very same final was where Adu showed critics that he can still play with the big guns again.

One game probably won’t change the fortunes of this late prodigy just yet. Although his fortunes do seem to be on the up. Beneficia has yet to loan him out again so far and while there is still time for a move to reveal itself perhaps Adu will have a chance to prove himself. After all, most his age would probably be at the point he is at now.

Still there must be some worry forming in his mind. While at club level he seems to be gaining footholds, on the national level Adu must prove himself all over again. With new coach Jurgen Klinsmann there is no reassurances as to who might be brought into the squad to prepare for the 2014 World Cup.

So what can we expect from Adu in 2011? Well there’s many different scenarios. But being the Adu fan I am I believe in the positive result. I believe we might just finally see Adu’s breakout season. I’m not sure we will ever see him crack the EPL, but I do see him finding a starting place in the national team. While I doubt we see him gain the respect of Klinsmann soon I’m sure we eventually see him on the international scene again


3 Responses to “Freddy Adu – The Prediction Of 2011/2012”

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