Review: Liverpool Adidas Away Jersey 11 / 12

2 Aug

The new Liverpool away jersey is a jersey of absolute class. I received this jersey a week ago, and now wanting to wear it is the only reason I am getting laundry done anymore. It is simply too brilliant. On the days I’ve worn it I’ve received plenty of compliments, people commenting on how great the colors work together. Through this shirt I’ve met plenty of people I’ve never met before, some avid Liverpool supporters, who I never knew lived in my small town.

I was very excited when I heard that Adidas would be releasing a grey away kit this time around. It was something we hadn’t seen yet, and it looks even better in real life than any camera can show you. I will be very disappointed if the company Warrior Sports truly are making Liverpool’s kits for next season as Adidas has done a fantastic job in the last few years with the jerseys.

Now what I do love about this jersey is how it is cut. Adidas have cut up many different fabrics, sewing them together in a way that fits the body exactly to your body. Because of this you will not want to buy a jersey that doesn’t fit you right, or you will find it uncomfortably tight. For those of you who have never worn a cut Adidas jersey before you may find when you first put it on that the whole shirt feels as if it doesn’t fit. You will get used to it though and you will love the jersey.

This new jersey has been outfitted with Climacool technology, meaning that all of the fabric has been specifically designed to keep you cool on those hot days out side. After wearing this jersey for a two hour soccer practice in the blazing heat I can agree that it does work.

I must say that I love the metallic badge and stripes. Don’t fear that they stick out too much as they come out very stunning.

If you are a Liverpool supporter I would strongly encourage you to buy this jersey, especially if you already have the current Home jersey as it was the same as last years.


One Response to “Review: Liverpool Adidas Away Jersey 11 / 12”

  1. Andy May 12, 2012 at 6:20 am #

    Worst fu==#=g shirt ever especially the team its chelsea all the way would never buy that gay liverpool jersey

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