Luis Suarez Takes Semi-Finals By Storm

20 Jul

The same team that progressed to the Semi-Finals of the 2010 World Cup have progressed to the final of the 2011 Copa America after a 2-0 defeat of Peru. After a rather drab first half, Liverpool hero Luis Suarez netted two goals in the 53rd and 58th minutes. While Peru did put up a fight it was clear Uruguay was dominating the game.

Uruguay is currently tied with Argentina for winning the Copa America the most times with 14 cups. They will be looking for a 15th Copa America title on Sunday. They will be playing Venezuela or Paraguay in the final match of the tournament, both of who will prove to be a formidable opponent. It seems that this team despite being ranked behind Brazil and Argentina could very well win this tournament.

Credit must be paid to Peru though. The team who did the worst in the South American World Cup qualifying process found itself progress all the way to the Semi-Finals in one of the most competitive regions in the world. It seems we could very well see this team progress to the 2014 World Cup in neighbor country Brazil.

The first half of the semi-final was quite drab. While we did see Uruguay dominate a majority of the possession we never saw any major attempts on goal. It never seemed to come across to the players that they actually needed to score goals to finish the game. Come the 2nd half though Luis Suarez brought some much needed fire to the game. Scoring goals in the 53rd and 58th minutes he led his country to victory over Peru.

A comeback for Peru was punched in the gut in the 68th minute after Juan Vargas was shown a red card for an elbow to the face when the ball was nowhere in the vicinity of him.

We will see Uruguay go into the final with nearly the same team they played a year ago in the 2010 World Cup. This was another surprise tournament as Uruguay progressed farther than South American giants Brazil and Argentina despite large things being expected of both of them.

Who is your favourite to win the Copa America? Will Uruguay win a record 15th title or will their opponents pull off yet another surprise in a tournament no one can predict?


One Response to “Luis Suarez Takes Semi-Finals By Storm”

  1. Woldstad July 20, 2011 at 11:11 pm #

    I hate Suarez, other wise nice article.

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