Brazil Follow Argentina Out Of The Copa America

17 Jul

>By Cole O’Brien writing from Couer d’Alene, Idaho

Brazil followed their rivals Argentina right out of the Copa America today with a loss to Paraguay. After 120 minutes of play neither team could muster a goal until penalty shootout. After Brazil missed three shots Paraguay preceded to win the penalty shootout 2-0. Brazil dominated a majority of the match, yet couldn’t find the net as we’ve already seen countless times throughout this tournament.

Brazil started this campaign hoping to win it’s third straight Copa America having won the previous two. Coach Mano Menezes called upon a squad of mixed veterans and young talent to prepare for the 2014 World Cup which will be held at home. This defeat couldn’t of come at a worse time for Brazil as they faced minimum competition in the semi-finals after Lionel Messi and co. had been eliminated the previous day by Uruguay.

The two matches seemed oddly similar. Both Brazil and Argentina were countries full of stars, both expected to win the Copa America, and both were defeated after dominating the majority of the game. Both of these teams will be sent home to suffer the wrath of their respective presses. The coaches will both be fearing their jobs as fans all across the world will be calling for their sacking. It seems the football world was full of upsets today especially after the U.S. were also upset by Japan during today Women’s World Cup Final.

The defeats of Argentina and Brazil will be a blow to all the promoters for the Copa America. The whole tournament was based around the final clash between the yellow and blue of South America. Nike directed two promotional videos based around these two teams. Now that this tournament has been blown wide open, we can’t help but wonder who will progress to be the champions of the Copa America. Of course Paraguay and Uruguay were always mentioned as a contender for the cup, but no one seemed to act like they posed a real threat. Now we can just expect to see uprisings across Argentina and Brazil against the coaches and players.


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