I’m Sorry, You Have A Midseason Friendly

15 Jul

“Is it serious?” “Yes I’m sorry. You will be playing the majority of your starting line up against a European giant, you will probably loose the match, and you will have a league game within the week.”

On Wednesday night English giants Manchester United thrashed New England Revolution 4-1. In a simple four day turn around the Revs will play Philadelphia Union on July 17 and then three days after that a game against DC United on July 20. While these midseason friendlies against European teams provide a fantastic experience for the fans and players alike, it also affects players tremendously. They simply cannot play their best when they are forced to play as many as 3 games in 9 days.

If your team has been cursed with a mid-season friendly then there is simply no way to fix it. If you don’t play your best players the fans will retaliate which will risk ticket sales. If you play the reserve squad you will me at the mercy of the media who will rip apart your team when you loose by most likely more than 6 goals.

These friendlies are a great idea by the MLS to help sell the league as a place where the best players from around the world can ply their trade. Still, at the same time they are committing massacre to their own teams. The Rev for instance already lie at the bottom of the table, will have a tough time winning their next games, and are destined to not make it into the playoffs.

So how can the MLS fix these problems? The simplest way would be to change to the FIFA schedule and that will simply screw up the MLS. The only solution is to help support the MLS teams with friendlies and adjust their league schedule. After all, they did the same thing for the RSL when they were trying to progress through the CONCACAF Champion’s League and look at the rewards it provided the MLS with.


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