Why EPL Clubs Should Invest In English Talent

14 Jul

This summer transfer window we have consistently heard about the inflation of English players, how ridiculous it is to buy them now, and why they aren’t nearly worth the same as a foreign player. Is that true? Well let me bring you should well educated perspective. This summer is the last time EPL clubs will be able to go out and pay outrageous payments of money for players. This may be the only time that they can possibly afford a large sum of English players. Buying these players is more long-term planning by clubs. When UEFA’s new 5+6 rule goes into play next year it will only further inflate the price of English players. This way, no matter how these players perform throughout the next season, the clubs who buy them will bring in enormous profits when they decide to sell.

Let’s take a look at Liverpool for instance. This summer the Reds have bought Jordan Henderson, and have been linked to Aaron Lennon and Stewart Downing. Let’s say this summer Liverpool buys at least Stewart Downing. Then let’s say Henderson and Downing before adequate next season. When UEFA’s 6+5 rule goes into play the next season, Liverpool could sell that summer and hold a much larger sum of money than any other clubs that summer to spend. This puts Liverpool in prime position to buy the best EUROPEAN talent plus some English talent for the next year, poised to win the league.

Now, that this in all in perspective, I think you can very well see why these clubs might be wanting to buy a few English players.I personally am wishing I had enough money to buy my own little England U-21 star. After all, worst case scenario he might make a good pet or something.


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