How To Expand Soccer In the US

14 Jul

The expansion of soccer in the US is like riches in murky waters. It is always moving, it is full of great promises, and yet you never really know what is coming. Just yesterday we heard Sir Alex’s ideas on how to expand soccer in the US. His ideas was something I have never heard some one propose before, and it would work very well. That is, if our country was full with lovers of the beautiful game, and that’s the problem.

England is the football country. Most of the population there loves the beautiful game and supports one club or another. The US on the other hand lies on the other side of the spectrum. Football fans lie few and far between in a country that is largely dedicated to sports such as baseball, basketball, and American football. There are barley enough fans in major cities to support their own teams. This shouldn’t be a problem in a country with 300 million+ people.

The true problem lies in how the current soccer executives are trying to sell soccer to the general public, the football fans that once in a while will tune if for a world cup match. Watching the beautiful game on TV from the same simple overhead view simply does not hold the same beauty as watching it up close and personal. Most general fans simply find soccer over TV too boring. If MLS could invest in using the same cameras the NFL does for their big matches they would find popularity in soccer would quickly rise among the general public. Most American fans simply crave that up-close action provided by leagues such as the NFL.

Once you have finally obsessed these new fans with the game, they will want to see it live. Soon we we start seeing more demand for professional soccer teams in even smaller areas. If you look in England a football club can easily be supported in a small areas of only a few hundred thousand people. The same thing could happen in the US. We could start seeing dozens of new clubs popping up all over the country. This is where I believe Sir Alex’s ideas for the MLS would come into play. Eventually we would have too many clubs to all play in the MLS at one time. A two or three league system such as Brasil would very well fit in a football loving country the size of the US. It’s a simple idea that, while hard to put into place, has the potential to fix all of our problems.


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