Sir Alex’s Idea To Expand Soccer In The US

12 Jul


The Red Devils’ first match will kick off the Wednesday night, where the Manchester squad will once again see the calibre of soccer in the United States. Nonetheless, Sir Alex already has a big idea for MLS soccer. He proposes the idea of splitting the United States into multiple leagues, such as in Brazil. While the football system in Brazil is a complicated one, that consists of ideas such as promotion and relegation, it is something that might just work for the US.

As soccer becomes more and more popular in the US there will be greater and greater expansion of teams. Some of those teams may even be in the same cities. Such as the New York Red Bulls and eventual MLS team- The NY Cosmos. When this happens MLS may see a need to divide the US into two different leagues. Of course the US, being the country it is, would need an entire new system of it’s own to pull of two leagues, but if pulled off right could create a whole new era in US soccer.

What do you think of Fergie’s idea for US soccer?


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    […] moving, it is full of great promises, and yet you never really know what is coming. Just yesterday we heard Sir Alex’s ideas on how to expand soccer in the US. His ideas was something I have never heard no one propose before, and it would work very well. […]

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