Why The U.S. Women Trump The Men’s Team

11 Jul

This morning the U.S. Women defeated Marta and Co. in a miracle-like comeback with a script written by the Gods themselves. The U.S. Women will be now be advancing to the semi-finals of the WWC. While this is all happening the Men’s squad can’t help but wonder, why can’t we feel this kind of success?

It’s not just that the U.S. Women are simply better than the competition. They have been developing women’s soccer in the U.S. for years. During this time most the nations in the world were sexist, with now top women’s teams Brazil and Germany actually banning women’s soccer. The American’s dominated for years during this time winning two world cups and countless Olympics.

Even today countries like Brazil don’t enjoy quite the fan support as their respective Men counterpart. The U.S. women, while still criticized greatly, enjoy the support of thousands of fans showing up at games at home and overseas. The ESPN broadcast of the U.S. Women against China in 1999 was the most watched U.S. Soccer event ever, burying the Men’s record.

Not only is it the skill the women posses that puts them over the men, it is their fighting mentality. While the U.S. Men have been dubbed the “comeback kings” the still have much to learn. They don’t posses the same skill. Their comeback against Algeria was partly based on luck. Algeria is also a very poorly-ranked team, who never should’ve been beating the U.S.

If the U.S. Men ever hope to feel the success of the U.S. Women they need to step up their games. Or maybe Nike could fashion some nurse’s outfits for them instead of the women.


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