What Liverpool WILL Accomplish This Season

11 Jul

I being one of the Liverpool faithful have followed the Reds through thick and thin this last season. Since the end of the season anyone and everyone has now heard of Luis Suarez, the 3-1 thrashing of Manchester United, and how Liverpool are supposed to win the league this next season. Now, let’s take a check with reality.

If you ask any Liverpool supporter today what they expect from this season, not many will tell you that they want to win the league. Right now, we simply want to improve on our last two seasons. Not finishing in the Top 4 is something Liverpool fans are starting to be accustomed to, and we would all like to taste European success once again. A top 4 finish is what we really all want. While winning the league would bring absolute joy to Anfield I don’t believe it will happen THIS season.

Liverpool’s rebirth under Kenny Daglish was nothing short of a miracle this season. But despite this, Liverpoolwon’t win the league next season. They are simply not prepared to battle Manchester United for the title just yet. If you looks at United’s starting XI you will notice nothing short of a squad of stars that all start for their countries. The second thing you will notice the strength in depth Sir Alex possess. With Chiciarto, Berbatov, and Rooney they can boast an attack that is full of not one star like Liverpool, but three.

Now what we will see from the Reds next season is a finish in the top four. We may even see them finish as high as second if they play with the passion they did the end of last season. While many will criticize their transfer tactics thus far, there is still plenty of time to buy the men they need to succeed. I can even see Liverpool winning the title the season after this if they can build on top of what they already have.

Failing to qualify for the Champion’s league the last two seasons will push Liverpool into the top four this next season. Although no one can perfectly predict what Liverpool will do this next season, I think there are many who secretly are starting to find fear at the idea of Liverpool playing their clubs this next season. We may all yet be in store for a massive surprise if we see Liverpool buying other players this transfer window.


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