Progressing Through Doubt

30 Mar

America’s starting line up is possibly one of the most under-rated in the world. You read the list of players and only four crack the English Premier League. Only three of those with starting spots, and none being in a top 4 team. The other club teams are unknown to you, and you can’t help but think that your national team is in a world of hurt come the Argentina game at New Medowlands Park. So I thought at least.

In the last few years America has shown considerable progress throughout the international level. At the time of this writing, nearly the whole starting line up currently plays in Europe ,respectably. Still, let’s face it, there has still been little sign of progress over the last years.

The Europeans still regard American’s as failures at the beautiful game. Even after great success in the 2009 Confederation’s Cup in South Africa, with a great victory over later World Cup Champion Spain, the US has yet to prove itself as a formidable opponent on the international stage. The last time the US played Argentina it was a great game, with the best US prospects ever facing the great Argentines. Then under 3 years later the US played them again. Everyone watching knew the true score of the game, and that it might as well be taken as a loss for the Americans. Although they came back in the second half, they were greatly outplayed by Lionel Messi and co. Three days later Paraguay beat the American’s 1-0.

Throughout the years I have agreed greatly with coach Bob Bradely’s decisions. I still do. I understand it is not his fault. The U.S. is simply at a stage in which there is not enough youth talent rising up. The US will have another good couple years, they have a great chance at winning the world cup, but then they are faced with a problem. If they win the Gold Cup, they will be heading in with their stars Dempsey and Donovan on the other side of thirty.

Still there is two years for Bradely to decide what to make of his situation. The US is still in it’s first year of rebuilding, as clearly shown by a undecided back line, and a ever-changing formation. Needless to say there is still one rising ,the great number 9 Juan.


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