Chelsea 2-0, A Comeback Game

20 Mar

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Here at My Studs we like to bring you the down-to-earth-facts of football matches. After all, you can hear the play-play facts and statistics on hundreds of other websites throughout the blog sphere.

After 78 minutes of what seemed to be heading towards a spar, David Luiz met a free kick to send the ball into the net and spirits back into Chelsea fans’ hearts. Throughout the match Chelsea was clearly the better team, dominating the entire second half, but struggled to get a goal.

Of course the one man who must be brought up time and time again is Fernando Torres, who once again was picked over Drogba, hasn’t broken his goal drought. This game seemed to show a new side of the Spain international though. His placement was near perfect, receiving passes from Malouda left and right. He seemed to be more of a play maker in this particular game, but still had those deadly bursts of speed up the line. Torres seemed to be more of the striker we saw 2 years ago in this game.

Needles to say this Chelsea comeback was led by the 21-million-pound signing, David Luiz. The Brazilian showed show-stopping calmness at the face of both the opposition’s goal and his own. Showcasing his fantastic technical skill when darting in his cheetah-like fashion, Luiz was Chelsea’s saviour as he has been in the last few Blue’s matches. He clearly linked up very well with the likes of John Terry.

John Terry today was named England’s permanent captain by Fabio Capello. Although it seemed as Terry may have picked up an injury he held through, showing his true mind set for being able to hold out no matter the circumstances. It was the perfect ending to a very exciting day for the England skipper.

Maybe the man most benefiting from the win over City was Carlos Ancelotti, who has recently been linked with moves out of the hot seat. This game may see a turn around for the coach. There is enough games for Ancelotti to show the Chelsea board that he is able to bring his team back. While he may not be able to put up a fight for the top of the table, he still is very capable of success elsewhere.



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