Liverpool, A Team Justified

6 Mar

3-1. That was the score at Anfield tonight. Crowds from all across England cheered as Manchester United was defeated. Spirits soared as the title race was re-ignited. While Liverpool didn’t win thanks to masterful skill, or a complete domination of the other team, they won none the less. With Suarez leading the attack with impressive dribbling skills, and some masterful crosses, Liverpool overcame the odds.

Dirk Kuyt was the hero of the game scoring Liverpool’s first hat trick since 1990. You could feel the passion he played with and it showed throughout the game. Liverpool was honoured all across England, as not only the fans of Liverpool, but fans of all teams cheered once the last whistle blew. In an era when many claimed all the Reds had was their history, they showed the are still a team to be feared. While they are far from being honoured by their opponents, Liverpool will be the heros of the day, as many fans are delighted to see Manchester United fall.

The last thing to be remembered is the man who made everything possible. Suarez. While Kuyt will hold all of the glory, Suarez deserves just as much. Thanks to his elegance with the ball, and his beautiful passes to Kuyt, Liverpool has shown the world the team they truly are.

Pictures from Barclay’s Premier League Offical Website


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