Argentina’s 2011 Jersey

2 Mar

Adidas have once again thrown another international jersey upon the football world.

While this jersey isn’t far removed from the 2010 Argentina jersey, it shows class. I believe this jersey was simply a show or strength against Nike’s France jersey. Nonetheless, this shows a simple subtle change to the jersey. Adidas fixed the few dislikes, and made the jersey more perfect then ever before. Of course Messi is completely backing the jersey, while sporting the Adizero Prime’s.

The crest is of course the jersey’s crown jersey. The area around the crest features an imprinted shield design perfectly signifying the class this jersey was built around. Of course this jersey also features Adidas’ usual features such as a tailored torso, the perfect v-neck, and of course the legendary three stripes.

The inside neck features a gold grape leaf design. I talk so much about how this jersey is built all around class, but it really shows it. Although it may just be my opinion I think this is my favorite Argentine jersey.


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