What’s Next For Nike? Tiempo Series

28 Jan

The “What’s Next For Nike?” post series will consist of 4 separate posts, one for each Nike boot.. They will be released back-to-back each day for the next four days. This post will feature the Tiempo Series

The tiempo. A boot that has been worn by players for countless years. Sadly this boot is still being beat out by its rivals, the Puma King and Adipures. Nike just needs a little bit more of an edge with the Tiempo IV.

The Why:

With countless pros wearing the Adipure (Lampard, Kaka, ect.) and only a handful wearing the Nike Tiempo (Cole); and don’t forget the general population wearing the Adipure more; Nike needs to step up their game. When most heritage boots have such a strong history and solid base of fans the market for these boots is very competitive. Brands try to improve heritage boots, while trying to not anger the consumers. Now there is rumours of something new coming, The Adipure SL. Thought to weigh in at a light 6.0 oz Nike will have some work to do when their Tiempo III Elite weighs a modest 8.2 oz. Undoubtedly Nike will come back with an even better Tiempo IV. Pictures of a Tiempo IV with flywire technology have been circling the boot web, and everyone is wondering when these majestic boots will be released.

The Evidence:

The boot world has largely agreed we have found the last color way of the Tiempo III (it being red). With the Adipure SL predicted to ship out around Spring 2011, we are all expecting Nike to release the Tiempo IV around the same time. Only time will tell if  Nike will release the Tiempo IV before the Adipure Sl. Many people have been saying “Why not release it now?! The Adipure IV has just come out!” While this is true, and Nike may be loosing a little buisness, it was released too late in the season for most players to buy anyways. Most will wait until spring comes around. The Tiempo III is being threatened by the Adipure IV anymore then by the Adipure III.

The What:

The new tiempo will feature many new features. With the same studs and leather, the Tiempo IV will now feature flywire. This will replace a whole layer of fabric shaving little needed weight. Also the Tiempo IV Elite will feature a carbon fiber chasis. With all this technology packed together it will shed much needed weight. Sadly though, Nike has fallen off the band wagon again, as the Tiempo is still not expected to weigh less then the Adipure Sl.


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