Indoor Review Series: Puma V 1.10 Sala

20 Jan

This review is part of the indoor review series. This review series will feature the Total 90 Shoot III IC, Tiempo Mystic III IC, Puma V 1.10 Sala, and the Nike Elastico . Every Sunday of January a new review will be posted featuring one of these cleats.

The Puma V 1.10 Sala is made to be a beast on the court! Possibly one of the best boots for the indoor game I regard this boot as one of the best boots I’ve had the chance to test. One of the best parts about this boot is it was not the cheap version of some boot with a rubber sole on the bottom. This whole boot was designed just for this indoor line!

Fit and Comfort:

I always feature the fit and comfort category when reviewing any boot. It’s probably one of the most important aspects of a boot. Before pointing anything else out I would like to point out that you need to order this boot a half size up from your typical boot size! Some of you may even have to order a full size up. Now there’s one thing I’ve always loved about Pumas. They fit to your feet perfectly! The shape of the boot looks different then other boot, and a little pointy on the end, but it’s fantastic. It feels great on your feet, and leaves on empty spaces between your foot and the boot. This is something you really want in a boot. This boot is very good for anyone with a narrow or medium foot.

Feel on the Court:

This is a new section for the reviews. I felt that this was so great with this shoe it deserved its own section.

The one thing I like about all my favourite indoor boots is when they don’t make your feet sore on the court. The Total 90 III IC and Elastico both made your feet sore. The best at not making your feet sore before this review was the Mercurial Victory IC. I now feel this is the absolute best. This is due to the really thick rubber under the heel which puts it at an elevated position. This is very helpful. As also said before I appreciate that this boot doesn’t slip on the court as so many other boots do. This can be very bad as falling on the ground on the court can be very hurtful

Other Features:

There’s some very unique features to this boot that I would like to feature in this review. First of is the removable insole. It is actually the make up of most of the bottom of the boot. While most soles are just foam, this is foam, the plastic that lines the bottom of most boots, and other required materials. The cool part is when you take out the insole you can see through the bottom of the shoe! This insole design creates a super comfy boot. This shows how Puma (the least prestigious of the Big Three) is really stepping up its game. The other feature of this is the mesh upper at the toe of the boot. This is very comfortable and helps your touch dramatically. I only have one problem with this feature. If you are someone who juggles with the toe of your boot and just simply flick the ball upwards it can hurt your toes and this is not a boot I personally like juggling with. Although I’m not very skilled at juggling as it is, many other players I know with this same boot find this a problem.


These boots are one of the best futsal boots on the market currently. The best part about Puma is their advertising is simply by word of mouth and no advertising once so ever! I feel like it’s my responsibility to spread the word of the great Puma boots being a reviewer.




One Response to “Indoor Review Series: Puma V 1.10 Sala”

  1. Woldstad January 21, 2011 at 3:46 am #

    Thanks, great review! I think I’ll order a pair soon.

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