Indoor Review Series- Elastico Finale

9 Jan


This review is part of the indoor review series. This review series will feature the Total 90 Shoot III IC, Tiempo Mystic III IC, Adinova II IN, and the Nike Elastico . Every Sunday of January a new review will be posted featuring one of these cleats.

Typically I’d never trust anyone else to do a review for me. Which in part is still true. This review is written by me after a over the phone interview with my team mate Luke. I also had a chance to try on his Elastico’s for a indoor practice.

With the first new indoor release of the last couple years Nike really has perfected this newly designed boot. While most of the boots released along with the Elatico seemed to be combinations of Nike’s outdoor boots., The Elastico is completely original. With its jaw-dropping colorway and unique style you better by able to pull these off. This boot is designed for the maestro on the court, the one who is really controlling the game.
This new boot  has countless intriguing features that are said to assist you to become a lead player in the 5-a-side game. Probably the feature most boasted by Nike, and most noticeable would have to be the full transition out sole. This is supposedly supposed to help you with 360 degree ball control. I have to say I wasn’t so sure this worked or not. The bottom seems to have the same TPU fins that are on the Total 90 series, and now the CTR 360 series. While I’m not sure this particular feature helps much, does it really hurt to have it there?Another feature that I found interesting was the dots on the end of the boot. They are slightly indented, and with the Kanga-Lite synthetic leather, they are supposed to help with ball control. I have to say this is the one thing I did find helpful. The kanga-lite isn’t nearly as comfortable as leather, but it’s a close second. I can still pull of the same nasty moves I can in my Adinova’s, while still having that same sticky-like feel of synthetic boots. The indented dots also give you an are that slightly stick to the ball.
All this technology is perfect for pulling off the godly move it’s named after, the Elastico.
Comfort & Fit
I have to say, these boots are very, very comfortable. The Kanga-Lite synthetic leather really sees to that. While it’s not the real leather, it’s still amazing. I found walking in them after practice very comfortable. I have to say if I had the money I’d buy myself a pair just for leisure shoes. Another thing to note is the fit, it’s actually narrower then I expected, and fits more like the boots of the mercurial series. If you have wide feet I would point you towards another, as this is not for you. I have narrow feet, as does Luke, and both of us found that it fits like a glove. You will still be able to wear this with medium feet, and it may even be slightly more comfortable in that way,
This boot is super comfortable, the technology truly helps, and it has a tantalizing colorway. What else is there to be said about this indoor boot?
I actually had a hard time finding anything wrong with this boot, other then that it can get a little uncomfortable after playing on hard surfaces for too long.



Picture credit to Eurosport and Sport Endevadors

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