FIFA 11 Review

9 Jan

FIFA 11 is an amazing game and EA Sports did an amazing job with it this time. After it was released this fall there has been extensive criticism over the new FIFA 11 game. Although I personally believe FIFA 11 is the best game of the FIFA game series yet.


The graphics of this game are fantastic. When you start the game for the first time it’s fantastic. You have the video of Kaka’ stepping out onto the pitch, and then you’re controlling him. When you push start you see the sleek presentation of the menu. If you’ve never played a FIFA game before it’s very confusing to find your way around. But after a while you seem to find the hang of it.

In this game series there has always been a amazing resemblance to the players, but FIFA 11 takes it to a whole new level. In the new FIFA 11 Creation Center you are allowed to use a feature called Game Face. This allows you to upload a picture of your face and add it onto your personal player’s body. After you can customize everything from his boots to if he wears ankle tape. There seems to be a lot more choices when it comes to the body shape of your virtual pro. It makes him seem even more realistic.

What really caught my eye is when I was playing Arsenal and caught Arshavin’s face. It looks remarkably like him, as many of the players faces. EA has struggled in the past to truly capture the players likeness which seems to be something they really strove to improve this time.


I really enjoy the sound track for this game. It is very good. Although some of the songs have absolutely nothing to do with the game, they still sound very good. I have actually tracked down some of them to add them to my iPod running playlist.

Game play

EA is all about listening to the fans when it comes to the FIFA series. Probably the newest thing was the ability to play as a goalkeeper. It is very entertaining, although it can be very stressful at times. I’m very poor at the aspect of the game personally, but some people are very good at it. It’s all practice.

One thing that EA really boasted about was their new real-time passing feature. Personally I find it no different then the previous games, although it seems to show a little. It’s very helpful to call out which passes for your team mates to make during the Player career mode.

The only thing I found disappointing about this game play was the lack of aggressiveness of the players. They are a lot better at intercepting the ball then they used to be in pervious games but it is still poor. When running along side another player they will simply run beside them and not even attempt to tackle the other player. I do appreciate this lack though as they will defend a player well and keep him at bay when they make a quick counter attack before the rest of your team may respond.


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