Indoor Review Series- Total 90 Shoot IC

2 Jan

This review is part of the indoor review series. This review series will feature the Total 90 Shoot III IC, Tiempo Mystic III IC, Adinova II IN, and the Nike Elastico . Every Sunday of January a new review will be posted featuring one of these cleats.

With the unique colorways of the Total 90 series you can’t help but notice them. This indoor boot has been completely re-designed from its previous self. Released in 2009 these boots have had enough time to sweep through the soccer world. None the less, My Studs is the first website to bring you a review on the Total 90 Shoot III IC. In this review I wore a size 10.5 in the red/green/black colorway.


The big talking point with the latest in the Total 90 series is the technology. Nike have completely moved away from the Shot Shield and incorporated Shot Pods. This new technology is really just hard plastic. The question is does it work? Yes it does. It’s a simple as giving the ball a hard surface to hit off of. That being said, these won’t turn you into an excellent striker overnight as no boot is capable of that. The one thing that intrigued me is how the shot pods were placed. They were placed more towards the inside of the boot. This is so you can add more spin to your shot. It’s also a great way of showing where most pros strike the ball, as I’ve noticed few of my team mates strike the ball on the inside of their foot and hit more towards the middle of the boot. Another fantastic addition to the technology is the heel counter. This new heel counter is perfect for heel shots and helps very much. It is also fantastic for protection. As an indoor game can be very aggressive this is super helpful. All this tech is very similar to to the Predator, and this may have been a good move for Nike.

Comfort and Durability:

These particular boots have been very disappointing when it comes to comfort. Right out of the box they are fantastic, but after 30 minutes of playing at a drop-in soccer game I had to switch into my trusty Adinova I’s. When running these boots just hit the ground harder then running bare foot. The one thing I did find good about these boots is that there was no unnatural creases or odd flexing off the upper. Never the less, these boots performed poorly in this category.


One major difference in the Total 90 series is the fit. This new boot has a regular fit instead of the normal wide fit in the Total 90 series. I would still not recommend these boots to anyone with a narrow foot. I have a narrow foot and due to this the boot had little pockets of air inside, which can cause for a very unnatural fit. This boot is perfect though for those of you with wide to regular fit.


This boot has a very striking colorway that you can see anywhere on the court ;the tech Nike boasted  a little excessively actually works too; and it’s a near perfect fit for everyone. I also really appreciate the fact that this boot doesn’t slip when changing directions. I’m glad of this because it’s one of the main things I look for in a boot, whether it be indoor or outdoor.


The only thing I find wrong with this boot is the fact that it is so uncomfortable. Sadly this is one of the most important things in a boot. This may just be due to the weird shape of my foot so it may be different due to the person, do not base your whole judgement off of my experience. This may be the best boot you ever had.




4 Responses to “Indoor Review Series- Total 90 Shoot IC”

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  2. Incho August 2, 2011 at 7:12 am #

    I just got these boots today, and I find that the area around where the end of the tongue meets your instep is somewhat uncomfortable. After wearing them for some casual kicking the ball about, I came away with light bruises at the tops of my feet where the tongue fits. I also have narrow feet—I’m female—so theres a bit of space for me, too. I was wondering if you had any issues with the tongue as well, any discomfort across the top of your foot while using this boot.

    Thanks for the review and nice blog you have here.

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