AdiZero II And Prime Released

1 Jan

Today Soccer Bible released the first official images of the Adidas Adizero Prime and Adizero II. Adidas knows that with a boot that is so loved not much has to be changed. With a few minor differences the Adizero Prime shaved off 20 grams, making it the new lighest boot in production. But don’t be so excited yet. You will have to cough up $400 USD to get a pair of these bad boys. Adidas knows that with Nike’s Superfly II up in that price range they can really push up the prices of their Adizero Prime. Even the Adizero II is $20 more then the original.

These are the Adizero Prime. Clearly different then the Adizero II’s as shown by it soleplate and multi-colored studs. This new Adizero Prime’s upper features a different material, dubbed the Adilite Twin material. Just like the Adizero’s it is a single layer upper. The new multi-colored studs are now supposed to each help you with sprinting and reaction time. Similar to Nike’s own track spikes at the end of sole plate. These new adizeros also feature sleek kevlar laces to keep them lighter and tougher.

Of course to compete with Nike’s extras included with their high end boots, the Adizero Prime will feature a box very similar in style and design to the Nike Elite boxes. It will also include a mesh boot bag and a cloth made to clean them.

Of course Adidas has featured a Messi Adizero too. Although to much surprise it is not in the Adizero Prime, but is the Adizero II. This new design doesn’t seem to look like Messi. With his usual less vibrant colour ways this is a real push. It does once again feature the reflective upper also featured on Messi’s chameleon colorway. There’s something quite odd about this colorway being in the Adizero II and not the Prime and I am expecting to see more and more players wearing the Adizero II over the Prime.


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