Mercurial-Mixed Sole-plates

27 Nov

Sølve Sundsbø
So why are the majority of Nike’s big athletes changing to mixed sole-plates instead of Nike’s Standard Sense Studs? Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Clint Dempsey, Drogba, and countless others. They’ve all changed to mixed (or old) sole-plates. The big question is why? What’s so bad about these that it caused them to ask Nike for something different? Something big clearly. After research, interviews, and testing we have the answers.

Even Nike’s crown jewel, Cristiano Ronaldo, has changed his sole plate. He is the the main athlete this Nike Mercurial line is circulating around. If he finds it necessary to change the boots he helped design, then they must need some more tweaking. It’s not that he just changed the studs for more grip as it seems that he has a mixture of both soft and firm ground studs.

Even when Nike designed a whole boot around Ronaldo it still didn’t feature his mixed sole-plate, a feature most fans were looking forward too. None the less, his own personal pair was equipped with these. It is a well known fact that Nike’s player’s boots are designed just for their liking, and have readjustments that you can’t even see.

So why do all these players change their soleplate? It’s quite simple really. You may have even noticed if you have a pair of superflys you will have notice it. On the Nike sense studs when you run they grown longer, which therefore throws your center of balance off. But you may be wondering,why do the few Vapor wearers switch their soleplate too? Well when your sprint you are on your toes. If you ever try this in these shoes it feels weird, a little off. It’s because one front studs is farther forward then the other causing you to have a hard time running on your toes. But we’ve noticed that these reasons are only part of the reason as to Cristiano Ronaldo’s soleplate. When you look at his soleplate there is both soft and firm ground studs. In the back one of the pairs of studs is soft ground. Soft ground studs are 3mm taller giving him a little extra elevation in the heel, to make it like a running shoe. Also the front pair of studs is metal, which eliminates the issue of one stud being farther forward then the other. There’s also other soft ground studs around the boot, adding more weight to the boot. This gives him more traction. It’s really all down to his personal preference and the fact that Nike allows him to do such a thing.


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