Nike Mercurial Victory IC Review

13 Nov

As promised I have the Nike Mercurial Victroy IC Review. The Victory’s are the only indoor boot in the mercurial line. At only $70 USD you think this would be a good deal. But is it worth even that? We’re hear to tell you.

Slippage: The only thing I really ask for in an indoor boot is that it doesn’t slip on a court. I went on the court nearly every other day to test these, and I have to say they don’t slip much. That is if you spit on the floor and wipe the dust off your shoes every time you run across the gym. This is no big deal if you gym usually doesn’t have dust on the floor, but how often is that really true?

Comfort and Durability: I have to say these shoes are some of the most comfortable I’ve ever worn. At least a dozen of my friends with the same boots think so too. So for that reason I wore them a lot. And due to that they did get a little dirty. None the less, the paint on the heel wore off on the same place on both boots. This was due simply too other boots rubbing against mine, but this shouldn’t have happened. Due to this, I am returning the boots, hoping to get a better pair.

Pros: The comfort, and if you like the colours this boot comes in then that’s also great!

Negatives: The one thing I didn’t say above is how these flex. They literally bend onto themselves, while this doesn’t hurt you, it leaves many lines all over your shoe, which take away from the appearance. Also as I said before, the durability is disappointing as I was hoping to keep these boots for more then a season.

Thumbnails: (Click to enlarge)

Grade: C+


3 Responses to “Nike Mercurial Victory IC Review”

  1. Brian January 15, 2011 at 7:20 am #

    Thanks for the review so how long do you think they would last? You said you played every other day. Thats what I do how long would the shoe put up 5-6 months?? Email me please

  2. Cole January 17, 2011 at 5:23 pm #

    I e-mailed you through the e-mail provided. Hope it helped.

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