Nike T90 Laser IV Released

16 Sep

While it may not be surprising to those who have seen leaked images of the boot already, the new T90 Laser IV is a technological feet that has far surpassed that of any of the previous T90 models. While this boot was given its unofficial debut by Wesley Sneijder earlier in the week, it seems that Wayne Rooney is the main posterboy for Nike’s laster power boot.

The Laser IV features a new power element dubbed the shot shield that gives the boot a very outlandish appearance. You can already tell this is a boot that will either be loved or hated by boot fans, but nevertheless you can’t deny this is a huge step forward for Nike.

What’s most surprising is that the new boot wasn’t released in an elite model. This is the first new boot release by Nike that hasn’t featured the carbon fiber sole plate. Whats amazing though is the new Laser IV only weighs 5 oz. more than the previous Elite model. I can’t help how HUGE of a step this is from the swoosh who has been relying too much on popularity and looks in their boot silos in recent years. Because of this we can expect a HUGE revamp of series such as the Vapor VIII in coming times.


Adidas AdiPower Predator – UCL Colorway

11 Sep

I think anyone who has seen the latest UEFA Champion’s League branding colors can agree they are possibly the most ridiculous that we have seen in years. Although it seems that Adidas have done a much better job with their AdiPower Predator colorway aimed towards CL players. It features mostly purple and an electric green. The only exception being a small area on the heel featuring the odd coloring.

I really like this cleat, because while I am a Nike man through and through I have seriously been considering buying this cleat. Now the only problems any of us can really see with this cleat is that it is stiff. Knowing three players who own the cleat I can tell you that it is just as great as Adidas sells it off as. You can get this cleat for $200 retail.

Puma V 1.11 Black / White / Blazing Yellow

6 Sep

The new Puma V 1.11 colorway is beautiful. It is a colorway that has always worked well for Puma boots, especially on the Puma king series. It works great on the V 1.11 boot showing it can be just as effective on a lightweight boot. I personally really like this colorway and wish we’d see more classy colorways such as these from Puma instead of the odd colorways *cough* Fluo Orange *cough* that we have seen before.

PUMA v1.11 is the next version in lightweight evolution of professional cleats that gives you the confidence to be your fastest! Built on a new last for a roomier fit in the forefoot, making this version of the v-series more comfortable. Microfiber upper with grip texture. Lace cover for increased strike zone. TPU injected external heel counter for added stability. Cushioned EVA insole with PUMA AptoLast technology that mimics the natural shape of the foot. Pebax outsole with TPU and carbon fiber inserts for stability and support.Pointed stud configuration for optimum traction. For use on firm, natural surfaces. -Information from


The Reserve Squad

15 Aug


The Reserve Squad is not that team that isn’t quite superior enough to break into the first team. It’s not the team that is absolutely devoid of talent. It’s an all you could ask for shopping experience where you will stumble upon the most unique shirt designs. It may not have the essence of a brand name logo such as Nike, but it could easily have the coveted swoosh sewn on the sleeve. Now while you may not feel any pride in sporting a tee etched with the words “The Reserve Squad” you can’t help but deny the talent and work put into making these shirts.

This exclusive stroll by means of any style you could ever ask for is ran by Joe Curtis, the brilliant mind behind the soccer news blog, The Pursuit Of Victory. With several tees sporting the likes of Chiciarto, Manchester United’s 19 Premier League Titles,, and more it doesn’t take a skilled mind to tell you that Joe is an avid Man. Utd. supporter. The designs on TRS are great, and are also made of 100% American Cotton.

Follow my example and buy a tee shirt. You will love it, and afterwards check out one of my posts on TRS‘ sister news blog, The Pursuit Of Victory.

Nike T90 Laser IV Sneak Peek – Edition 3

13 Aug

The third and final sneak peak of the Nike T90 Laser IV kicks off today to mark the beginning of the Premier League season. A day full of draws, battles, and sheer  torture for some fans will be subdued by this newest look at the soon to be released power boot by Nike.

Each color in the picture represents on of the first three colorways that will be released by Nike upon the release of the Laser IV. While many expected another obnoxious colorway similar to the red and green debut colorrway of the Laser III, this boot is more simple and each colorway will serve each and every appetite for a football boot.

This new power boot will once again feature TPU fins that why similar to the ones used on the Laser III are completely redesigned and will hopefully offer better swerve than we’ve seen before. This boot seems to be based completely on the swerve of the ball. Not so much accuracy or power as we’ve seen before in this boot. It could really be a whole new boot line by itself.

F50 Adizero Prime Anodized Blue/White/Slime

12 Aug

After the recent AdiPure release in Electricity, Adidas has added another release to their line in the F50 Adizero Slime. This new boot is starting to lean away from the previous colorways that seemed to look more and more like spaceships. While I don’t love the Prime version of this release the regular leather version is starting to grow on me. The anodized blue and slime offer a fantastic contrast between colors and it’s hard to see any problems with the boot.

I personally am not a giant fan of the Adizero. It is a boot you either love or hate. I recently know someone who bought a pair and has horrible heel blisters at the moment. Now though it seems the boots are starting to get more and more comfortable. I really think they just require a simple break in period. Although those of you who don’t love this boot or are used to speed boots like the Mercurial will hate this.

T90 Laser IV Sneak Peek – Number Two

12 Aug

During the time waiting for the release of the T90 Laser IV, My Studs will be releasing exclusive sneak peaks of the new power boot from the swoosh represented giants. This newest sneak peek is the best we will be giving away as it gives a great glimpse at the colors and design used on this new boot. The T90 Laser IV will be released in a massive release similar to the T90 Laser III. We have yet to find pictures of an elite version of this model so it is yet to be said if this new boot will be released as an elite version.

Stay tuned to My Studs in the coming weeks for more sneak peeks of the T90 Laser IV.

These are not leaked photos, and are not meant to spoil the release of the boot in question.

Freddy Adu To Philadelphia Union Tomorrow

11 Aug

Freddy Adu was one of the most talked about named in the US for a few years. He was that one shining light for American football. He was the man who was supposed to carry us to the next level. To destroy all competition we’ve ever faced. Of course everything after that is well rehearsed history. Yet in the last few months we’ve seen Adu embark on a career revival. Ever since Ex-coach Bob Bradley called Adu up for the Gold Cup we’ve finally started hearing about the 23-year-old again.

Now after much speculation Adu will return to the US tomorrow to ply his trade of soccer. Philadelphia Union will announce this signing at 12am EST. Of course there will unparalleled enthusiasm about this press conference. The great Adu is returning to the MLS. And if all the reports haveen’t convinced you, well wait a few hours and you will see. After all, why else would Adu fly to Philly if he didn’t play in the US vs Mexico game?

AdiPure IV – Black/Electricity/Silver

11 Aug

In wake of a string of recent releases from the Nike, Adidas has released the AdiPure IV in a stunning Black/Electricity/Silver colorway. It’s a suprise to no one that this colorway is outstandingly eye appealing. The AdiPure IV already graces the feet of the likes of Kaka, Frank Lampard, and many others. This boot is designed to be a mix between heritage and modern technology. The boot features a super soft K-Leather upper.

I don’t love the colorway. II feel the black and green do clash a little too much, perhaps white and green would fit better? Nonetheless, it’s still a very good looking boot, and it’s one of the few colorways that have looked good on this boot.

Nike T90 Laser IV Sneak Peek

6 Aug

My Studs has released another sneak peek at the T90 Laser IV. See it here after reading this article!

With the release of the Nike T90 Laser IV just over the horizon My Studs decided to give you this exclusive sneak peek at the technology to be used on the newest incarnation of Nike’s popular Laser series. The new instep technology is very innovational, and yet you may find people saying this boot was a rip-off of a multitude of different boots. Despite this big instep change, there is still trademark T90 additions. The instep will feature a remodelled version of the TPU Fins previously featured on the T90 Laser III. There will also be transparent studs this time around.

Now we don’t want to reveal anything more, as the surprise from this release should be brilliant, especially as you wont be shocked by a jaw-dropping controversial release colorway this time around. Stay tuned this week for the release of the Nike T90 Laser IV on My Studs.

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These are not leaked photos, and are not meant to spoil the release of the boot in question.